Killin U for Fun - Wise Intelligent

24. ledna 2011 v 14:06
Wise Intelligent Killin U for Fun

Killin U for Fun album info:
  • Artist name - Wise Intelligent mp3
  • Album - Killin U for Fun mp3
  • Year - 1996
  • Genre- hip-hop
  • My Sound
  • Shitty Inna City
  • Ill Never Kill Again featuring Foxy Brown
  • Freestyle (A Conscious Lyric)
  • Steady Slangin
  • Black Juice
  • Name Brand Gunn
  • TV Shoom Pang
  • So Low
  • Rastafarian Girl
  • Kingpins
  • Send Fe Me Gunn

For Fun (1996) Wise Intelligent-Killin' U. Preview and download songs from Killin' U for Fun by Wise Intelligent on iTunes. Buy Killin' U for Fun for just $9.99. Contains 12 tracks.. Killin U for Fun: Wise Intelligent: Music One of Hip-Hop's most expressive and UNAPPRECIATED MC's, Wise Intelligent, lays down his first and only solo album in "Killin' U...for Fun." True fans of PRT know all about Wise. Used CDs - Killin' U for Fun - Wise Intelligent - Killin' U for Fun - Wise Intelligent - CD. the more items you add to your have list, the more swap options! Killin' U for Fun: Information from Killin' U for Fun Artist: Wise Intelligent Rating: Release Date: March 12, 1996 Type: Contains explicit content Genre: Rap Tracks Track Title Wise Intelligent - Killin' U For Fun (CD, Album) at Discogs This release data has recent changes made which have not been reviewed yet. Street Beat: Wise Intelligent-Killin' U. Killin' U for Fun by Wise Intelligent - Download Killin' U. Music genres are Rap, Political Hip Hop and Hip-Hop

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