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19. ledna 2011 v 18:03
T&C Vectors launches a Smart Information Search & Engage Engine - Inter-Xectver:Beta 2.2 .It connects people -Enterprises -Communities -Universities at One point of Intersection @Inter-Xect.
Sterling, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2011
Inter-Xect is Designed to work with 6 Core Entities - Individual People , Universities, Communities and Large-Medium-Small Enterprises.
Enterprises and people are allowed to broadcast -Structured Sytematic Information through a Broadcasting Engine. This broadcast information is available for Search at the Inter-xect search engines.
So,How is it different from a Google?Google and Traditional search engines collect information by Scanning through web pages on the internet.They are specialists in searching for information that's not structured.
At Inter-Xect people and Enterprises provide/Broadcast Systematic Structured Intelligent information or Data.This information can be about a product , a job , Finance ,Property ,services , books,Blogs ,Exhibitions Events ,New Launches etc etc..
By allowing people and Enterprises or Communities tobroadcast - this search Engine allows people to people engagement , People to enterprise engagements and enterprise to enterprise engagements.
For eg : If an Enterprise broadcasts information that it requires people forjobs - people can find this information on the search engine and Intersect or engage with the enterprise.If a person broadcasts that he's looking for a job ,an enterprise can find him online and offer him a job.
similarly if One Enterprise offers Software services or Design engineering services , another enterprise can intersect and engage with the enterprise by utilising it's services by finding them on inter-xect.So it works as a marketing tool to reach to people and other enterprises.
similarly people can find and read other people's blogs -share information and also form communities with a purpose.
Inter-Xect creates a " Totally " connected world and makes information available accurately and systematically. Thus this search solution by design serves a different purpose , from traditional search engines.
The Intelligent Broadcast that's been mentioned earlierallows information broadcasts to be targeted geographically.So searches for information can be geographically specific or geographically neutral (Any Geography).
It also has been Integrated witha web search engine - that if there there are no inter-xect search results the web search engine fires and get you web results.
It is priced at a minimal 20$ per/year for individuals and 125,000$/year for Large enterprises.
To have a clearer understanding and see more advantages - one may read the Help files at the Search Engine address:
T&C Vectors inc is next Generation R&D and Systems development firm.It is currently involved in active Research & systems development of Other Enterprise Products and Intelligent Systems.
More information is available atHttp://
It has also launched a free Handbook for Download: The IQ Shift ,breaking the IQ Barriers.This handbook has a guiding theme for creating a Smarter World.
The book can be found at
Sourav DasT&C Vectors+919586242067Email Information
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