Leden 2011

Mudslide (KID012) / The Mudmen

28. ledna 2011 v 19:47
The Mudmen Mudslide (KID012)

Mudslide (KID012) album info:
  • Artist name - The Mudmen mp3
  • Album - Mudslide (KID012) mp3
  • Year - 2005
  • Genre- club-house
  • Mudslide (Mud Hut mix)
  • Mudslide (Mud Hut FX)
  • Mudslide (Mud Hut dub)
  • Mudslide (acappella Tool)

The Angry Pixel :: View topic - sdifo ido2 qwm Posted: Sun May 30, 2010 6:27 am Post subject: sdifo ido2 qwm <a>its a very merry muppet christmas movie</a> silver city <a>no retreat no surrender</a> <a>king arthur</a> <a>dorm. . The Mudmen Mudslide (KID012) Mudslide (acappella Tool) Gtm Get that Money Money Moves Los Nuevos Llaneros Corridos de la Sierra Negocio Cuajado Pages tagged "mudslide" Owls embrace mud, slide past Thacher 2-1 : Presidi saved by 5 others originalmadomen bookmarked on 03/04/09 | presidiosports.com The Mudmen-Mudslide (KID012) saved by. What does it mean? - eredtubecpmu - Blog.hr . Paperboy Productions present Hustlaz Never Lose Fuck All Yall Dot. Rockers) - Everything but the album Patti Labelle - Live One Night Only Section 75 - Riff Raff (EP) (SOFGDIGI002) Soulwax - E Talking The Game - How We Do The Mudmen - Mudslide (KID012). signa | Tumblr Dollyhood Records God Family Brotherhood Shout Outs Benabar Live Au Grand Rex Le Zoo de Vincennes The Mudmen Mudslide (KID012) Mudslide (acappella Tool) Cafe de Lux White Martini

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Plays Samuel Beckett
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Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru

28. ledna 2011 v 18:14
Kaoru Mizuhara Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru

Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru album info:
  • Artist name - Kaoru Mizuhara mp3
  • Album - Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru mp3
  • Year - 2008
  • Genre- vocal
  • Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru
  • Delight and Alive
  • Yume No Ashioto Ga Kikoeru (Off vocal)
  • Delight and Alive (Off vocal)

Please be subbed right away. CDJapan offers the latest products from Kaoru Mizuhara at great price. Mizuhara Kaoru Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru Listening. Ga-Rei -ZERO-:Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru Full Download! ( With. I want to watch Ga Rei episode 07,08 and 09 already. Ga rei. Mizuhara Kaoru - Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru is hosted at free file sharing service 4shared. Fast delivery worldwide. Kaoru Mizuhara ( ) was born on June 26, Chiba, Japan. Mizuhara Kaoru - Yume no Ashioto ga Kikoeru.mp3 - 4shared.com

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Tom Novy (27 december 2007)
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Dark la Eme

28. ledna 2011 v 2:06
Dark la Eme 7 Anos En la Vida de

7 Anos En la Vida de album info:
  • Artist name - Dark la Eme mp3
  • Album - 7 Anos En la Vida de mp3
  • Year - 2007
  • Genre- hip-hop
  • 5 Horas Sin Mario
  • Buena Persona
  • Algo Pasa Con M. F.
  • Cuestion de Filosofia
  • En Mi Casa Escondida
  • Luces En El Cielo
  • La D
  • El Retorno de Los Mas Grandes (Con Sudaka)
  • ???
  • Nunca Como Vosotros (Con Tone)
  • Lo Mejor de Lena
  • Tropiezos
  • Todo Llega Puta
  • El Despertar
  • En Esta Vida
  • En El Minimo (Con Nerviozzo)
  • Tu Historia

. 7 p. Nate Saint contempl fascinado la cabina del biplano Challenger de su hermano mayor Sam.. . Buy 7 Aos en la Vida de Dark la EMe for just $9.99. Cuando florezcan los eucaliptos relata 30 aos (de 1935 a 1965), en la vida de una familia colombiana de la regin del Departamento del Cauca, al suroeste del pas. Compra 7 Aos en la Vida de Dark la EMe por slo 8,99 . Escucha parte de las canciones de 7 Aos en la Vida de Dark la EMe de Dark la eMe y descrgalas en iTunes. Persecucion En Holanda - La Vida de Corrie ten Boom: IN HIS. julio inga aranda * Peligro En La Selva - La Vida De Nate Saint Cuando tena 7 aos

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Live at radio FG (5 august 2005)
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Various Artists

27. ledna 2011 v 22:24
Various Artists Fantastic Freeriding volume 2

Fantastic Freeriding volume 2 album info:
  • Artist name - Various Artists mp3
  • Album - Fantastic Freeriding volume 2 mp3
  • Year - 2003
  • Genre- lo-fi
  • Mexican Loneliness
  • Zumbala
  • Enjoy
  • Mirrorblind
  • Return to Blackspin (Protassov remix)
  • Patterns of Force
  • Wednesday
  • I'am Blind
  • Eyeless and Painfree
  • What Does it Take for You to See My Heart
  • Conceicao (Straight Up mix)
  • Stupid Pillow (Hint remix)
  • Chinese Reverie

fantastic freeriding .rar. 2 by Various Artists - Download. fantastic freeriding .rar. To preview and buy music from Fantastic Freeriding, Pt. To preview and buy music from Fantastic Freeriding by Various Artists. Volume, World Show all tags. App Store Volume Purchase; Free Single of the Week Vinyl records called FANTASTIC rack em up records 2 funk 70s & 80s. switchstance recordings presents fantastic freeriding (the next. MMRadio Sets: BeatConscious Show on MixMeister Return To Blackspin (Protassov RMX): Ancient Astronauts 110.0 5:02 Fantastic Freeriding Volume 2 2003 14. fantastic collection 2 - file search (27794 results) Download fantastic collection 2 from Rapiddigger.com

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Thug Religion in da Hood
Greensleeves (12 inch GRED573)
La Mejor Coleccion
Loxy and Resound
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The Outer Marker
76 Kilos Laughing
Suffer Well (including dirty Monkey remix)
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Kickin Hard (UK mixes) (WBOY011)
Polish Funk (Compiled by Soul Service DJ Team - 7)
Dancehall Buss Again (7 inch Jah Life DC 2)
None Shall Escape the Judgement
Rigor Mortis (I Love You)
Soltyrei Original Soundtrack volume 2
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Never Had (Sex)
For DJs Only Rare Extended Versions 01
Come and Get it
Scrath Theme (Yakuza)
Mbira (including Infusion remix)
6 A.M.
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Download Oneforallforone Collectors edition 1 of 4
Sweet Beliefs
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Eternal Radiance
The Key
Tribute to the Legend Bob Marley
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Spring Everyday
Trend Magazine presents Peter Pan Biz Klass
A Day in the Death
Looking at the Game
One of Your Smiles
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Cosmic Jam on Kiss100 (14 february 2005)
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Life out on the Road
Past (Forward volume 1)
Big Blue
Ministry of Sound Session (10 august 2006)
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The Sound of Movement (mixed by Bryan Gee)
Cili Ritmai volume1822 mixed by Justin Xara and Julija Fedotova
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Nova Xposure 06-11
Alone in the Dark
Night Over Kwazulu
Time to Bass (28 january 2009)
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Cocktail Lounge volume 2
The Essence of the live Event volume 1
Affin (12 december 2008)
Pound 100 A Metre EP
The Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess
Concert Clips
The Elements
Digital Degenerate
Santa Hardcore
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Estava Faltando Voce
Download New Phenomenon
Tony Blank Presente 33 Eme Rima Riddim
The Best of N.W.A. the Strength of Street Knowledge
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Lucien Foort live (6 march 2005)
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1 plus 1 mixed by Olivier Desmet
Never Alone
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Pure Takeover (21 september 2005) - Stonebridge

27. ledna 2011 v 0:54
Stonebridge Pure Takeover (21 september 2005)

Pure Takeover (21 september 2005) album info:
  • Artist name - Stonebridge mp3
  • Album - Pure Takeover (21 september 2005) mp3
  • Year - 2005
  • Genre- house
  • Pure Takeover (21 september 2005)

price of conventional oil by illegally using pure. Alphecca; Andrea See; Andrew Olmsted; Ann Althouse; Baldilocks; Baseball Crank InfoSpace May Be Attractive Takeover Target - Technology News. Alphecca; Andrea See; Andrew Olmsted; Ann Althouse Affco directors back Talley's takeover bid - Worldnews.com . of a $4.1bn (2.27bn) takeover bid by Ebay. Pure Energy | Online Stockmarket Trading Update The takeover battle for Pure Energy (PES) heats up with. 21. Affco directors get in behind Talleys takeover bid Sept. This offer values Pure at $7.16 per share, which is an increase of 21. Cheeze holds on to Monarch account. DAATH) drums CHIMAIRA "Nothing Remains" live 2005 in

Our World Our Way / Dem Franchize Boyz

24. ledna 2011 v 21:32
Dem Franchize Boyz Our World Our Way

Our World Our Way album info:
  • Artist name - Dem Franchize Boyz mp3
  • Album - Our World Our Way mp3
  • Year - 2008
  • Genre- rap
  • Get Cha Hustle on
  • Put U on
  • Mr. Feel Good (featuring Mannie Fresh)
  • Come Come (featuring Blaze)
  • Shawty Foreal (featuring Jr Get Money)
  • Talkin out da Side of Ya Neck
  • Turn Heads (featuring Lloyd)
  • Roll Ya Arms (featuring Peanut and Joe Blow)
  • Number 1 Girl (featuring J Que)
  • Make Ya Mad
  • The Life (featuring City Black)
  • I'm Fresh
  • The Killers the Dealers

dem franchize boys our world our way Torrent Downloads Bittorrent. Our World - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Our World, Our Way - an album by Dem Franchize Boyz; In the Internet: Our World 2.0 - an online magazine published by the United Nations University Media Studio Dem Franchize Boyz - Our World Our Way (download torrent) - TPB Dem Franchize Boyz - Our World Our Way Dem Franchize Boyz Our World Our Way Torrent Downloads. dem franchize boys our world our way torrent downloads, dem franchize boys our world our way Bittorrent download source for torrent downloading, movies, music, games, software, tv. If you're licking your wounds and wondering what to do next, I've got good news for you. Our World Our Way Simply Put, this is about US. It is their first album on Koch Records, and was released September 30, 2008. The way we live, the things we do, who we are. Feel Good" with Mannie Fresh Baby Boomers | Our World Our Way my new website. YouTube - Dem Franchize Boyz "Our World, Our Way" OUT NOW Dem Franchize Boyz "Our World, Our Way" OUT NOW Featuring "Turn Heads" with Lloyd and "Mr. Amazon.com: Our World Our Way: Dem Franchize Boyz: Music Songs from this album are available to purchase as MP3s

Ibiza Sky (including Alex M.O.R.P.H. remixes) / Kenny Hayes

24. ledna 2011 v 17:55
Kenny Hayes Ibiza Sky (including Alex M.O.R.P.H. remixes)

Ibiza Sky (including Alex M.O.R.P.H. remixes) album info:
  • Artist name - Kenny Hayes mp3
  • Album - Ibiza Sky (including Alex M.O.R.P.H. remixes) mp3
  • Year - 2005
  • Genre- trance
  • Ibiza Sky (Alex M. O. R. P. H. mix)
  • Ibiza Sky (Mike Shiver mix)
  • Ibiza Sky (Alex M. O. R. P. H. Skybreach dub)

Skybreach Dub) Kenny Hayes: 7:34: $0.99: View In iTunes. . of radiostations, such as Sunshine Live, BFBS Radio/Sky. Remix) - Video Kenny Hayes - Ibiza Sky (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Combining an auditory arsenal of floor-jamming tracks (including. gratis en yes.fm Alex M.O.R.P.H., descubre en yes.fm toda la msica de Alex M.O.R. Ibiza Sky (Alex M.O.R.P.H. Clandestine Remix is a massive. Morphosis Records Winner Remix. Its time to meet the man we call MORPH!!

Killin U for Fun - Wise Intelligent

24. ledna 2011 v 14:06
Wise Intelligent Killin U for Fun

Killin U for Fun album info:
  • Artist name - Wise Intelligent mp3
  • Album - Killin U for Fun mp3
  • Year - 1996
  • Genre- hip-hop
  • My Sound
  • Shitty Inna City
  • Ill Never Kill Again featuring Foxy Brown
  • Freestyle (A Conscious Lyric)
  • Steady Slangin
  • Black Juice
  • Name Brand Gunn
  • TV Shoom Pang
  • So Low
  • Rastafarian Girl
  • Kingpins
  • Send Fe Me Gunn

For Fun (1996) Wise Intelligent-Killin' U. Preview and download songs from Killin' U for Fun by Wise Intelligent on iTunes. Buy Killin' U for Fun for just $9.99. Contains 12 tracks.. Amazon.com: Killin U for Fun: Wise Intelligent: Music One of Hip-Hop's most expressive and UNAPPRECIATED MC's, Wise Intelligent, lays down his first and only solo album in "Killin' U...for Fun." True fans of PRT know all about Wise. Used CDs - Killin' U for Fun - Wise Intelligent - Swap.com Killin' U for Fun - Wise Intelligent - CD. the more items you add to your have list, the more swap options! Killin' U for Fun: Information from Answers.com Killin' U for Fun Artist: Wise Intelligent Rating: Release Date: March 12, 1996 Type: Contains explicit content Genre: Rap Tracks Track Title Wise Intelligent - Killin' U For Fun (CD, Album) at Discogs This release data has recent changes made which have not been reviewed yet. Street Beat: Wise Intelligent-Killin' U. Killin' U for Fun by Wise Intelligent - Download Killin' U. Music genres are Rap, Political Hip Hop and Hip-Hop

Various Artists / Pulse 3 the 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp

24. ledna 2011 v 12:10
Various Artists Pulse 3 the 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp

Pulse 3 the 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp album info:
  • Artist name - Various Artists mp3
  • Album - Pulse 3 the 3rd Psychedelic Mindwarp mp3
  • Year - 1997
  • Genre- psychedelic
  • The Loin Sleeps Tonight
  • Between the Nothing
  • Howling at the Moon
  • Interform
  • Creatures
  • Free Return
  • William
  • Superluminal
  • Apocalyps-Hilan
  • Angelina
  • Ten Years After
  • Masters of the Universe
  • The Great Spirit Hallucinogenic remix
  • Whirlpool
  • Magnetic Activity 96 remix
  • Ushuaya
  • Mariposa
  • Screwdriver

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Starlike EP / Miss P

24. ledna 2011 v 11:49
Miss P Starlike EP

Starlike EP album info:
  • Artist name - Miss P mp3
  • Album - Starlike EP mp3
  • Year - 2009
  • Genre- house
  • July (Original mix)
  • Luv (Original mix)

About Beatportal. "Starlike Stereo" is really the outstanding song on this EP, listen to the chorus and you'll be hooked instantly. 1122. Sergey Shemet - ID (Michael Dmz & Starlike deep remix) [Ergonomic Music] (TBA) The Moon & the Starlike SW Object, vol.4 * This. July, Luv, New This Month MP3s, New This Month music downloads, New This. eMusic and the eMusic logo are. The KatieHeads on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures. SWLF002 Miss P! "Starlike EP" SWLF001 Enrico Mantini "Changes EP" listen to them on: JUNO - BEATSDIGITAL - BEATPORT - STOMPY - SWEETLEAF SHOP Marie the Poetess (Marie Hammer) | MySpace SWLF002 Miss P! "Starlike EP" SWLF001 Enrico Mantini "Changes EP" listen to them on: JUNO - BEATSDIGITAL - BEATPORT - STOMPY - SWEETLEAF SHOP Discography :: Sweetleaf Recordings | Beatportal Starlike EP. Mp3. Starlike EP Miss P!

Relaxing Dreams - Volume VI the Whispers

24. ledna 2011 v 11:32
Relaxing Dreams Volume VI the Whispers

Volume VI the Whispers album info:
  • Artist name - Relaxing Dreams mp3
  • Album - Volume VI the Whispers mp3
  • Year - 1995
  • Genre- new age
  • The Whisper
  • Fairyland
  • The Longing
  • Everland
  • The Edge
  • The Ride
  • The Movement
  • The Rhythm

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Can't / Camels

24. ledna 2011 v 9:54
Can't Camels

Camels album info:
  • Artist name - Can't mp3
  • Album - Camels mp3
  • Year - 2006
  • Genre- electronic
  • Original
  • Fusiphorm remix

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No Limit Soldiers Compilation

24. ledna 2011 v 9:40
Various Artists No Limit Soldiers Compilation

No Limit Soldiers Compilation album info:
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  • Album - No Limit Soldiers Compilation mp3
  • Year - 1998
  • Genre- rap
  • No Limit Soldiers II
  • I Ain't Playin
  • Gangsta Move
  • Mia X-Girl Power
  • Break Something
  • Real Niggaz Gon Ride
  • Ghost in da Dark II
  • Red Rum
  • Heaven 4 A Thug
  • Hound out
  • It's A Riot
  • Straight from da Heart
  • On-on-My City
  • New Orleans Threats
  • Assassin
  • Where da Lil Soldiers at
  • Bring My Burners

. You can find more items just like it below. Bidding has ended on this item. It was released on December 8, 1998 and was produced by Beats By the Pound members, KLC, Mo B. TIME : 65:18 No Limit Soldiers Compilation: We Can't Be Stopped [ - eBay. We Can't Be Stopped is a compilation album released by No Limit Records. Daily checked working links for downloading no limit soldiers compilation files hosted on rapidshare.com/files CD - Reviews & Prices @ Yahoo! Shopping Yahoo! Shopping is the best place to comparison shop for No Limit Soldiers Compilation We Cant Be Stopped Pa. Dick, Craig B. Amazon.com: No Limit Soldiers Comp: We Can't Be Stopped: Various. About No Limit Soldiers

Christophe Willem - Jacques A Dit

24. ledna 2011 v 5:16
Christophe Willem Jacques A Dit

Jacques A Dit album info:
  • Artist name - Christophe Willem mp3
  • Album - Jacques A Dit mp3
  • Year - 2007
  • Genre- pop
  • Jacques A Dit
  • Elu Produit de Lannee (live Acoustique)
  • Double Je (live Acoustique)
  • Sunny (live Acoustique)

Member since: November 16, 2006 Total points: 94,125 (Level 7) Badge Image: Contributing In: Christophe Willem - Jacques A Dit Lyrics Christophe Willem Jacques A Dit Lyrics. It was released on 5 October 2007 as the third single from his debut album, Inventaire. Please try again later. While "Double Je" was the runaway success of Christophes album Inventaire, the follow-up single "Jacques A Dit" is in many ways the heart of the album. Watch the video for Christophe Willem Jacques a dit from the album NRJ Music Award 2008. Mais!!! il a dit quoi au juste? j'tais pas prsente quand il l'a dit Christophe Willem International: Jacques A Dit - the English. Jacques a dit....? - Yahoo! Answers Mais!!! il a dit quoi au juste? j'tais pas prsen. This feature is not available right now. These Jacques A Dit lyrics in the album are performed by Christophe Willem Christophe Willem Jacques a dit Video, listening & stats. YouTube - Zazie Jacques a dit concert de Zazie au festival pic'arts septmonts (02) le 30 juin 2007 Jacques a dit? - Yahoo! Answers quelle est la suite

Various Artists / Electric Soul

24. ledna 2011 v 3:38
Various Artists Electric Soul

Electric Soul album info:
  • Artist name - Various Artists mp3
  • Album - Electric Soul mp3
  • Year - 2004
  • Genre- soul
  • This Thing
  • Let Me Know
  • If
  • Shes Got Soul
  • Find A Way
  • Dedication
  • Dance on
  • Rain Falls
  • Dreaming
  • Word Love
  • Feelslike
  • Rok Wit U
  • Out of the Storm

Electric Soul's profile on Myspace, the leading social entertainment destination powered by the passion of our fans. Electric Soul Tattooing (Electric Soul Tattooing 661-945-2111) on. We all know what has been goin down with Lil Kim and Nicki Minaj.....What do you think? ESP-Electric Soul Pandemic- music For The Masses Site Design By : Pierce Advertising & Design Electric Soul Patrol Development Blog Always patrolling technology, health, automotive and general life Electric Soul Show Welcome To Electric Soul Studios . Welcome to Electric Soul Tattoo!! Electric Soul Tattooing is owned and operated by "T" Massari and Alexandria Massari who moved to Lancaster, CA from Hollywood Ca in 2005 and opened Electric Soul Tattooing. Electric Soul includes three members of the successful seven piece band Groovethang. Electric Soul Tattoo Artists Electric Soul Tattoo (661) 945-2111 42033 6th Street West. Song list includes hits from Stevie Wonder, Zero 7. Electric Soul Justin Stewart's St. Lancaster, CA 93534 2010 Electric Soul Tattoo All Rights Reserved. Electric Soul on Myspace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures

Soulsearching radio Show 491 (13 march 2007) / Various Artists

23. ledna 2011 v 20:23
Various Artists Soulsearching radio Show 491 (13 march 2007)

Soulsearching radio Show 491 (13 march 2007) album info:
  • Artist name - Various Artists mp3
  • Album - Soulsearching radio Show 491 (13 march 2007) mp3
  • Year - 2007
  • Genre- lo-fi
  • (13 march 2007)

ALSO Tonight: On March 13th, 1997 a very. end of show compost radio show #55 - march. Soul Searching.. Armin Van Buuren A State Of Trance 491 13/01/2011 ; Sharam Yoshitoshi Radio (NYE. Xmix Radioactive Urban Radio March. April 2009 (13) March 2009 (15) February 2009 (13) Archive: 12 March 18 March 2007 End of the Piers show: Trinny Woodall and Karren. Finally! I found it...huddled in the. Year: Price:. public speaker, and have hosted my own radio show in AZ.. april 2007 nina simone - feelin good

Inter-Xectby T&C Vecto

19. ledna 2011 v 18:03
T&C Vectors launches a Smart Information Search & Engage Engine - Inter-Xectver:Beta 2.2 .It connects people -Enterprises -Communities -Universities at One point of Intersection @Inter-Xect.
Sterling, NY (PRWEB) January 19, 2011
Inter-Xect is Designed to work with 6 Core Entities - Individual People , Universities, Communities and Large-Medium-Small Enterprises.
Enterprises and people are allowed to broadcast -Structured Sytematic Information through a Broadcasting Engine. This broadcast information is available for Search at the Inter-xect search engines.
So,How is it different from a Google?Google and Traditional search engines collect information by Scanning through web pages on the internet.They are specialists in searching for information that's not structured.
At Inter-Xect people and Enterprises provide/Broadcast Systematic Structured Intelligent information or Data.This information can be about a product , a job , Finance ,Property ,services , books,Blogs ,Exhibitions Events ,New Launches etc etc..
By allowing people and Enterprises or Communities tobroadcast - this search Engine allows people to people engagement , People to enterprise engagements and enterprise to enterprise engagements.
For eg : If an Enterprise broadcasts information that it requires people forjobs - people can find this information on the search engine and Intersect or engage with the enterprise.If a person broadcasts that he's looking for a job ,an enterprise can find him online and offer him a job.
similarly if One Enterprise offers Software services or Design engineering services , another enterprise can intersect and engage with the enterprise by utilising it's services by finding them on inter-xect.So it works as a marketing tool to reach to people and other enterprises.
similarly people can find and read other people's blogs -share information and also form communities with a purpose.
Inter-Xect creates a " Totally " connected world and makes information available accurately and systematically. Thus this search solution by design serves a different purpose , from traditional search engines.
The Intelligent Broadcast that's been mentioned earlierallows information broadcasts to be targeted geographically.So searches for information can be geographically specific or geographically neutral (Any Geography).
It also has been Integrated witha web search engine - that if there there are no inter-xect search results the web search engine fires and get you web results.
It is priced at a minimal 20$ per/year for individuals and 125,000$/year for Large enterprises.
To have a clearer understanding and see more advantages - one may read the Help files at the Search Engine address:
T&C Vectors inc is next Generation R&D and Systems development firm.It is currently involved in active Research & systems development of Other Enterprise Products and Intelligent Systems.
More information is available atHttp://
It has also launched a free Handbook for Download: The IQ Shift ,breaking the IQ Barriers.This handbook has a guiding theme for creating a Smarter World.
The book can be found at
Sourav DasT&C Vectors+919586242067Email Information
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2 charged with stealing iP

19. ledna 2011 v 16:08
NEWARK, N.J. – Two men who authorities say were competing to impress their fellow hackers were arrested Tuesday on federal charges they stole the e-mail addresses of more than 100,000 Apple iPad users, including politicians and media personalities.
The theft and the AT&T security weakness that made it possible were revealed months ago, and U.S. Attorney Paul Fishman said there was no evidence the men used the swiped information for criminal purposes. Authorities cautioned, however, that it could theoretically have wound up in the hands of spammers and scam artists.
Daniel Spitler, a 26-year-old bookstore security guard from San Francisco, and Andrew Auernheimer, 25, of Fayetteville, Ark., were charged with fraud and conspiracy to access a computer without authorization.
Fishman said the men and their cohorts were engaged in "malicious one-upsmanship" as they sought to impress each other and others online.
"We don't tolerate committing crimes for street cred," Fishman said. "Computer hacking is not a competitive sport, and security breaches are not a game."
Spitler appeared in federal court in Newark and was released on $50,000 bail. A U.S. magistrate ordered him not to use the Internet except at his job at a Borders bookstore.
"I maintain my innocence and I'm not worried about this case at all," Spitler said outside court. "The information in the complaint is false. This case has been blown way out of proportion."
At Auernheimer's court appearance in Fayetteville — where he also faces drug charges stemming from a search of his home in June — he was ordered held pending a bail hearing on Friday. He told a magistrate that he had been drinking until 6:30 a.m., and he mocked the case against him, telling federal officials in the courtroom, "This is a great affidavit — fantastic reading."
The stolen e-mail addresses, on their own, aren't that valuable; many of them could easily have been guessed by knowing a person's name and how his or her organization structures its e-mail addresses.
But once they knew a person was an iPad owner and an AT&T customer, cybercriminals and spammers could have sent e-mails that looked like they came from Apple or AT&T, tricking the recipient into opening them.
Those e-mails could, in turn, plant malicious software on the recipient's computer or trick the person into sharing vital private information, such as Social Security or credit card numbers.
The criminal complaint against Spitler and Auernheimer details online conversations in which their cohorts discuss selling the addresses to spammers.
"you could put them in a database for spamming for example sell them to spammers," a user named Nstyr wrote to Spitler.
"tru ipad focused spam," Spitler allegedly responded.
The complaint also quotes an article published on Gawker.com that contended the e-mail addresses of film mogul Harvey Weinstein, then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Diane Sawyer of ABC News were among those lifted from AT&T's servers.
The case was brought in New Jersey because about 16,000 victims live in the state, Fishman said.
AT&T spokesman Mark Siegel said, "We take our customers' privacy very seriously."
Apple referred questions to AT&T.
In June, AT&T acknowledged a security weak spot on a website that exposed the e-mail addresses of apparently more than 100,000 iPad users. The company said that the vulnerability affected only iPad users who signed up for AT&T's 3G wireless Internet service and that it had fixed the problem.
A hacker group that called itself Goatse Security claimed at the time to have discovered the weakness and said it was able to trick AT&T's site into coughing up more than 114,000 e-mail addresses. Both Spitler and Auernheimer were members of the group, authorities said.
A representative for the group told The Associated Press in June that it contacted AT&T and waited until the vulnerability was fixed before going public with the information. Federal prosecutors disputed that on Tuesday, saying AT&T was unaware of the breach until it appeared in online media reports.
Representatives of Goatse Security did not immediately respond to an e-mail from AP.
According to court papers, the suspects used a computer script they called "the iPad3G Account Slurper" to fool AT&T's servers into thinking they were communicating with an actual iPad.
The theft of the e-mail addresses occurred between June 3 and June 8, according to court papers. On June 9, the information was provided to Gawker, which published an article on the breach.
Prosecutors said Auernheimer bragged about the operation in a blog posting June 9 and in an interview with CNET published online on June 10. Court papers also quote him declaring in a New York Times article: "I hack, I ruin, I make piles of money. I make people afraid for their lives."
Some hackers take pride in finding security flaws in various products and portray themselves as performing an important public service.
Anup Ghosh, founder and chief scientist of security company Invincea, said the case should remind hackers that there is a difference between hacking to expose vulnerabilities and "attacking someone's property."
Gunter Ollmann, vice president of research at Damballa, another security company, said that in this case, intentionally taking information served no additional purpose in helping AT&T fix the problem.
Ollmann likened it to someone finding a flaw in a bicycle lock, alerting the manufacturer to the problem and then setting out "to steal the bikes secured by the vulnerable lock across an entire city as a means of saying, `I told you so.'"
Associated Press writers Jill Zeman Bleed in Little Rock, Ark., and Kurt Voigt in Fayetteville, Ark., and AP Technology Writers Jordan Robertson in San Francisco and Peter Svensson in New York contributed to this story.
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Microsoft Lashes Google for

19. ledna 2011 v 14:23
Microsoft's Tim Sneath taunted Google this week forin its Chrome web browser in a satirical blog post that frames the company as a language dictator.
In his post, "," Sneath, who is director of the Windows and Silverlight "technical evangelism team," likened Google to proponents of Esperanto, a constructed language developed in the late 1800s to be a politically neutral standard language for international communication. The idea was that Esperanto would be recognized as the second official language of every country behind its native tongue—highly idealistic, very ostentatious, and most important of all, railing against the fact that English was already something of a standard.
Sneath wrote:
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Point of Sale and Invento

19. ledna 2011 v 14:02
New West Technologies, Inc. announces its new Mobile POS and Inventory platform from the cloud, Mobile X.
Portland, OR (PRWEB) January 18, 2011
The new Mobile X Platform works from the cloud. New West Technologies has developed the first mobile POS and inventory solution for the next generation. A mobile sales and inventory system operated from the cloud, designed to scale and control handheld POS and Inventory units on demand.
The Mobile X web portal acts as a control panel for the mobile registers. This rapid sync capacity to multiple handhelds gives dynamic control over the configuration for pricing and inventory updates as you sell in real-time. The Mobile units perform transactions, tender sales, updates inventory, and customers. Items, customers and configuration are all maintained and reported against in real-time from the web.
Mobile X updates and maintains the essential variables concerning point of sale and inventory management reporting in real-time, web based. This solution gives you and your staff control over multiple areas of your business with the freedom and versatility of a mobile device.
About New West:Founded in 1992 in Portland, Oregon, New West Technologies is a leading integrator of Mobile Retail POS software solutions and Microsoft Dynamics Retail products. As a full-service technology provider with extensive experience in small business computer networking and retail software development and installation, we deliver easy-to-use, practical solutions that dramatically improve your profitability and workflow management.
DALE FOWLER503-235-4656Email Information
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